Friday, May 6, 2011


We have officially started selling all our stuff. A few days ago, we put a handful of items on craig’s list and within 24 hours we had sold our chaise, ottoman, tv, dvd player, and a desk chair. Wow, I had no idea craig’s list was so fast!! Or maybe we are pricing our stuff to low..hmmm….

Material things and the way they make us feel are so strange. There is such a pull to have things and always want more. I realized this even more in my own heart as Ryan started posting all our stuff. It was very strange. There is a part of me that is so excited to sell our stuff because it means we are moving. It is a new phase, a new season. I didn’t realize that giving up my things would be a such challenge. I hate clutter and I like to get rid of things that add to clutter; however, this has been harder than I expected. Selling our tv, dvd player, chaise, and chair= easy, no problem, glad to see them go. However, when Ryan told me a lady was coming to pick up our ottoman I had a little break down. I know…. really, over an ottoman?!?

The thing about that ottoman is that it was a wedding gift. For our whole 1.7 months of marriage we have had that ottoman. It was used to the max. It was used it for seating when we had way to many people in our first small apartment. It was used as a table to hold snacks and drinks before and after we had an actual kitchen table. It was used by this cutie as a hiding place when Ryan came home from work.

Maybe it was only an ottoman, but it was a great ottoman!

Ahhh transition….I am sure there will be many more “ottomans” in my life that come and go.

What does the thought of selling everything do to you? Do you wish you could do it and get rid of all your stuff? Does it freak you out? I am swinging back and forth between both of those…..

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  1. I love this post! It makes me miss you both! ....and wish that we could see each other more!

    I kind of feel the same about stuff. I hate how sometimes I am a slave to the things I clothes, computers, tv, etc. But Matt and I have moved about every year or 2 since we've been married and I looooove getting rid of stuff.

    I think I've discovered that I really like change. And throwing out stuff or selling it represents that change. We'll be moving next door in a couple months (our 2 year mark :) and I can't wait to go through all my crap and get rid of it!

    I am so excited for you guys and the journey you are about to embark on! Proud of you both and love you to bits! xoxo