Tuesday, June 1, 2010


This past weekend we went to Tyler to visit my Mom. We love going to spend time with my Mom and really love when we get to spend time with our nephew, Boston. Boston really loves Ryan and loves playing music with Ryan. They play guitars together, play the piano together, and even sing some songs together (okay it is just the "ABC" song, but he is ONLY two!) Here are pictures of the jam session!

disclaimer: Boston is not naked, he has on a pull-up after spending the morning at the lake :)
They both started with their "own" guitars.
Boston quickly learned that Ryan's guitar sounded much better than his little red one and wanted to switch.
This picture reminds me of the movie "August Rush." I'm pretty sure Boston is also going to be a musical prodigy!

What If?

Back in March I read a blog entry by Donald Miller. It challenged you to ask yourself the question "what if?" and actually follow through with that question. It was an inspiring blog to me and you can read it for yourselves here:


After reading, Ryan and I began to ask ourselves this question. What are some things that we would really love to do, but for some reason are not doing them? Maybe we are scared, maybe we are scared of what others will say and think, maybe we just don't take the time, or maybe we don't think we can really do it??

Many of you know that Ryan and I plan on moving to PA and then out of the country in the next year or so. These are really big steps and they are scary to me at times, but we are doing it because we know God is leading us every step of the way. For me, it is often the smaller things that are harder to do, the smaller "what ifs" that are more scary for me.

So, after two years of thinking about it and talking nonstop about it the last few months(poor Ryan) I am doing my "what if"!! I really love jewelry and I learned about a company called Silpada. It is one of those companies where you become an independent rep for them and then throw parties in women's homes and sell your product. From the first time I heard about Silpada, I wanted to do it. However, I was afraid

1. People would think I was silly for wanting to sell jewelry
2. I would lose money
3. I would be horrible at it

BUT, I painfully put those worries aside and ordered my kit. I have had three parties so far and I am loving it. It is really fun hanging out with new ladies and catching up with old friends while looking at beautiful jewelry. I am still scared that after a little while no one will want to have any more parties and I still feel a little silly when I tell people about it, but I did it and that is the point. I think it is really good for us to do things that make us feel a little uncomfortable and silly.

Maybe reading this you are a little disappointed that my "what if" was not more dramatic or life changing...sorry if that is the case. OR maybe, just maybe there is something you have been thinking "what if" about and maybe, just maybe my little story of Silpada will inspire you!

For some of you, it maybe be something huge or it may be something "small". What if you decided to become friends with someone totally different than you? What if you decided to start working out? What if you started a blog or a journal? What if you adopted a child or became a foster parent? What if you got married? What if you started eating more vegetables(working on this one :)? What if you learned a new language? The list can go on and on.

What is your "what if"???

PS Anyone want to host a Silpada party for me??? :)