Monday, September 26, 2011

Last 2 months in Pictures

The last two months of our lives in pictures :)

Ryan's first time to Sea World with his parents
riverwalk with Ryan's parents

discussing Ryan's paper with his Mom and Dad

Shady Grove with Ryan's parents and Jessica(R's sister)

Ryan's Mom and Sister after our dance party :)

Ryan and Rhett(R's brother) hanging out

Coffee with Amber(friend from journeyman training).
Love this girl, miss her sweet smile.

Went to Galveston with my (Kristin) family.

Train at Kemah.

Catching up with Amber(friend from college) and met Mercy!

Amy Marks!!  Woohoo.  Our matchmaker :)

Ryan went to a business training in Indiana

Mom and I went to San Fran for a girls trip together

celebrated Memee's birthday

Jessica Hall (friend from college) came to visit.  This girl, what can I even say, I am unexplainably thankful for her!
she lets me dye her hair

r                 Brandon's 33rd(K's brother) birthday

Bess(friend pretty much my entire life) had her first baby!
Cannon Walker Ray, so precious :)

Spent the day with Tory Vey(friend from middle school) and Kristen Hornback(friend and roommate from college).  I loved time with these girls.  Wish we all lived together like in college..umm except we are all married and Kristen has little Addie now.  Wish we could at least spend more time together ;)

  • Also celebrated my (Kristin's birthday)
  • Ryan's friends Nick and Sheridan got engaged
  • Rhett had his 21st birthday
  • Whew, so much!!  :)

  Only a little over a month until we head to India, CRAZY!

PS  I fought with the pictures on this post for about two hours and could not get them where I wanted them.  Uggghhh, sorry it looks kinda disorganized.  I am not so savy at all this....  :)