Friday, February 24, 2012

One more week...

The last few weeks have been a whirl wind, to say the least.

The last weeks of January were filled with long days and quite a bit of loneliness for me.  However, after many of your prayers God has filled the last month with many visitors, meetings, neighbors from Afghanistan, engagement parties, trips, and language (and some sickness as of the last few days :( .....

I can't believe it, but we are a week out from moving to our new city.  We have prayed, prepared, dreamed, and planned on moving to this city for about a year.  We visited India this time last year and fell in love with our new city.  So, it is a crazy feeling to be moving there in one week.

These last 3 months in Delhi have been a good jump start for us in language and we are grateful be moving with a little foundation of language.  However, I am SO ready to get out of here!  Not because I hate Delhi or haven't met some really cool people is just that our lives have been so gypsy-ish the last year and a half.  We have lived in 5 different houses/apartment.  SO, I am longing to plant some roots in a place, to spend time getting to know people, not having the stress of trying to become friends with people you know you won't see after a few months, getting to know our neighborhood, learning from people that hopefully will be in my life for years to come.

Are we nervous/excited about moving?  YES to both of those.  Mostly excited, but also feeling anxious about how everything will work out.  I find myself laying in bed at night with many of these thoughts racing trough my mind...
will we find a family to live with?
will we find an apartment to live it?
how long will it take to find an apartment?
how will we ever find an apartment in the neighborhood we want to live in that will pass a home study in the next few months(for adoption)?
will we ever find an agency that will work with us living in India(for adoption)
how long will it take us to find a language helper?
how long til we will be able to communicate in a deep way in this language?
how hot is it really going to be this summer?
and on and on....

Many people(locals) have told us that some of these things will be difficult.  Like living with a family and living in the neighborhoods of town we want to live it.  So, we are learning to trust that God really does go before us and he really is in control.  It was so much easier to talk about faith when it didn't require me to actually take actions based on it...ugghhhh...  Ryan and I think God is teaching us (I say think bc we keep learning this over and over, so maybe we are not I guess I don't "think" God is teaching us, maybe I "think" we are learning..He is definitely trying to teach us) to hold everything loosely, but God.  The plans we make or try to make, may or may not happen and we can't base everything on those plans.  Instead we know God is asking us to trust him and that he is a good father with very good plans for us.  So yeah...that is where we are  :)

**DISCLAIMER**...I reread this and realize I switch back and forth between "I" and "we", I know this is bad writing and I apologize.  I feel weird writing just "I" all the time because Ryan and I are a "we" so our feelings about things are usually pretty intertwined in most ways.  HOWEVER, I must give a disclaimer that everything I say on here is not in the "we" form, meaning Ryan is not laying awake at night worrying about any of these things...that is totally just me...I am the worrier....I am the one of little faith....**

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Our New Home

For our last month in Delhi, we moved into a new apartment.  Here is a youtube video tour if you wanna check it out :)