Friday, May 6, 2011


We have officially started selling all our stuff. A few days ago, we put a handful of items on craig’s list and within 24 hours we had sold our chaise, ottoman, tv, dvd player, and a desk chair. Wow, I had no idea craig’s list was so fast!! Or maybe we are pricing our stuff to low..hmmm….

Material things and the way they make us feel are so strange. There is such a pull to have things and always want more. I realized this even more in my own heart as Ryan started posting all our stuff. It was very strange. There is a part of me that is so excited to sell our stuff because it means we are moving. It is a new phase, a new season. I didn’t realize that giving up my things would be a such challenge. I hate clutter and I like to get rid of things that add to clutter; however, this has been harder than I expected. Selling our tv, dvd player, chaise, and chair= easy, no problem, glad to see them go. However, when Ryan told me a lady was coming to pick up our ottoman I had a little break down. I know…. really, over an ottoman?!?

The thing about that ottoman is that it was a wedding gift. For our whole 1.7 months of marriage we have had that ottoman. It was used to the max. It was used it for seating when we had way to many people in our first small apartment. It was used as a table to hold snacks and drinks before and after we had an actual kitchen table. It was used by this cutie as a hiding place when Ryan came home from work.

Maybe it was only an ottoman, but it was a great ottoman!

Ahhh transition….I am sure there will be many more “ottomans” in my life that come and go.

What does the thought of selling everything do to you? Do you wish you could do it and get rid of all your stuff? Does it freak you out? I am swinging back and forth between both of those…..

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

remembering the past and being thankful for the future

Last Wednesday (April 27) was the 6th year anniversary of losing my Dad. In some ways it seems like so long ago and then in some ways it seems like there is no way it could already be six years. The older I get the more I realize what an amazing father God gave me. Growing up I always knew I was loved, cherished, enjoyed, and heard. I believe that our relationship with our fathers has a very big role in the way we view God. Do we see him as someone who cares, loves, and is present in our lives, or do we see him as someone who is distant and preoccupied with other things? My father (Ricky Dean :) Wilson) did an awesome job at reflecting God's love in my life and for that I am so thankful.
My Dad died on April 27th and his funeral was on April 29th. I remember that day probably more vividly than the day he died. All the people coming and going, all the funeral planning being finished, there was just an erie finality to it all. Something that I think is really amazing is that the same day April 29th, 20 years before my Dad's funeral, Ryan was born. I know many people would say this is coincidence, but I see it as a special gift from God. He knows all dates and plans and I think this is a beautiful picture and gift of how he knows everything and loves us. On the same (calendar) day that the most important man in my life up to that point was buried, the future most important man in my life was born. I think that is really special and awesome!

Here are a few pictures from our week long celebration of Ryan's birth!!

Ryan and Haidar. Haidar's bday was April 24th so we had a joint celebration for both of them with friends. We ate lots of taco salad, biryani(thanks Haidar) and 2 cakes!!

The lighting is kinda weird in this one. This is Ryan, me, Boston, and Jordan on the day bf Ryan's bday. We were in Texas, so Ryan(of course) chose Mexican food! We also had yummy red velvet cupcakes(thanks Mr. Youngblood!)

This is on Ryan's real birthday! We were at a rehearsal dinner so we celebrated Autumn and Steven Horne and Ryan :)

Happy Birthday, my love! You are more than I ever dreamed of :)