Saturday, June 2, 2012

Journey to Baby Hartsfield

After what seems like an extremely long time of researching, praying, and emailing we are on our way to becoming a family of 3!!  This past week we sent in our application and application fee to start the process of adoption to bring our son or daughter home.

We don't know a lot of details at this point.  We should hear back from the agency within the week about if we have been approved.  The director of the agency said our application looked great but our income looked a little on the low end.  From an American stand point, I suppose it is on the low end.  I guess we live pretty simply, but it felt really weird to hear because compared to our neighbors and friends here we have an over abundance of wealth.  It's a weird tension....

So we are praying that isn't a hinderance.  Countries have guidelines you have to meet in order to adopt, so that is why it could be a concern.

A few questions you may be asking:

1.  Why are you adopting??
  Click here for the details.

2.  Are you adopting from India?
   No, not for our first child at least.  We don't think this is the best option for us right now.  Also talk a little about that at the above mentioned post.

3.  Where are you adopting from?
   It is narrowed down pretty well, but still waiting to hear back from our application to be sure about the country.  Most likely our child will be from the Balkan region.

4.  Are you adopting a boy or girl?
  We don't care, at all!!!

5.  How old will the child be?
  Since this will be our first kid, we are wanting to adopt a 2 yr old or younger.

6.  Can you not have kids?
  Honestly, we don't know.  We haven't tried that route of family building yet...  Ever since R and I were engaged we have felt like God wanted us to grow our family through adoption.  This doesn't mean we  are opposed to having biological kids, it just means we know God is leading us to this now and we try to follow him as he leads step by step.  I'm really trying to not plan ahead of God, if you know what I mean!!(Not always easy, and I'm not even a planner!!  I'm an ENFP for those Myers Brigs nerds who like to know that kind of thing, obviously I am among the nerds.)

7.  Do we feel prepared for this?
   Ummm, no way!!  Did we feel prepared for moving to India, no way!!  But, seriously we do feel like this is the time to start this journey and are really excited.  I do feel freaked out wondering how long and how tedious this process will be, esp from a different country.

8.  How long until you will get your child?
  This is the question every parent would love to know!  The website for our agency says around 18 months.  There are so many variable to that, even more because we live in who knows!?!  We are praying it will be a smooth and quick process which in our mind means a year to year and a half.  Don't know how realistic this is.....but it is what we are praying for with persistence.

So yep, we are expecting and we are excited ;)