Tuesday, June 1, 2010


This past weekend we went to Tyler to visit my Mom. We love going to spend time with my Mom and really love when we get to spend time with our nephew, Boston. Boston really loves Ryan and loves playing music with Ryan. They play guitars together, play the piano together, and even sing some songs together (okay it is just the "ABC" song, but he is ONLY two!) Here are pictures of the jam session!

disclaimer: Boston is not naked, he has on a pull-up after spending the morning at the lake :)
They both started with their "own" guitars.
Boston quickly learned that Ryan's guitar sounded much better than his little red one and wanted to switch.
This picture reminds me of the movie "August Rush." I'm pretty sure Boston is also going to be a musical prodigy!


  1. love it! very august rush. and I love your what if post also! thanks for sharing your life so openly!