Friday, September 14, 2012

Update on Baby Hartsfield

We got approved by our adoption agency and have been working hard at getting stuff filled out and sent in.  SO.MUCH.PAPERWORK!  So far we have been really pleased with our agency, they are really great at helping us and answering all of our random questions.

Because we are working with an agency that is in America they will send a case worker to our home here in India.  He is planning on coming  in mid October.  Thankfully, there is another family in Sri Lanka who is also in the process and we will get to split the costs of this trip with them and potentially another family.  

We are so excited and nervous about the home study.  I had a little freak out because our apartment only has one bedroom and the home that our case worker comes and approves is the one you have to be living in when you finally get your child.  So, I started panicking that our house would not pass a home study because we don't have a separate room specifically for the baby.  We emailed him and he told us that is fine.  Our living area is really big and we are planning on partitioning a part of it off as the baby's room.   

Even though I was relieved, I have been feeling really bothered by the thought that we don't have a room for our baby.  I had this "American" picture in my head of a cute little baby room...that is a totally different post I should write on expectations and things I think I need. So, yeah it has been a little rough for me wanting a "better, nicer" house.  

In the midst of my "house is no good" crisis, a couple girlfriends came to visit for my birthday. They were awesome.  They reassured/convinced me that my house is actually great and making a home for a baby is not about some cute baby room.  Funny how quickly and dramatically I forgot that.  Girlfriends who can speak truth to you are the greatest!

That's the latest on baby Hartsfield!!  Can't wait for that sweet little thing to be a part of our family.


  1. This is SO exciting! I totally understand the "baby room" drama--I had a roommate, and Lucy arrived several months earlier than I had planned, and so she went into my bedroom with me at first. It wasn't how I had pictured it, but it was beautiful! I think adoption takes so long that we try to control all the things we can, since we have no control over the actual BABY part for so long! So stress about nesting is totally understandable. But when Baby Hartsfield arrives, you won't care WHERE he/she sleeps! (You'll just PRAY that he/she DOES sleep ;) I mean, be so thankful that he/she is HOME.

  2. very excited to watch this journey unfold. (ps...I freaked out over the home study for no not stress over will be great!)

  3. Hi Kristin,
    So, I found your blog. :) I totally get that whole baby room thing! We are living in an apartment in Idaho right now. We do have a bedroom for the baby, but all of the stuff in the bedroom was generously given to us by other people. Which is amazing. But none of it matches. And there is a HUGE part of me that wants to toss it all so that we have a "cute" nursery. I have to keep reminding myself that the baby doesn't care if the sheets don't match the crib skirt...right?? But it's also our first kid and I want it to be perfect and cute. Sigh. Anyway, so thank you for the reminder that the cute nursery is not the most important thing!

    Becky (Amber's friend)