Friday, November 19, 2010


It has been an extremely long time since I have blogged! I apologize! Life has been busy around here.(as it is for everyone) Ryan and I are both working part time, we have been actively pursuing ideas about South Asia, and our intern load has picked up.

Speaking of pursuing ideas about South Asia, here is one thing we are really excited about:
We have been trying to learn as much as we can about micro-finance (lending) and savings among the poor. It is amazing how much this can affect communities and change people's lives. Before I began reading stuff I had no idea what micro-lending even meant(and my understanding is still really limited.) In a nutshell micro-finance is is the provision of financial services to low-income clients or solidarity lending groups including consumers and the self-employed, who traditionally lack access to banking and related services.

Surprisingly, there is a really cool organization that is right here in Lancaster called Hope International that does micro-finance. ( We were able to participate in a really cool exhibit they have about poverty all over the world. Here is a video done by Hope International that helps explain the heart and vision of micro-finance.
We are hoping to be a part of something like this in South Asia. Do any of you have any experience or thoughts about micro-finance and savings or any connections to anyone that does?? We are wanting to learn anything and everything we can!

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  1. Hey! That's crazy that Hope International is in Lancaster! They were set up at Passion last year and I actually got to help provide a loan to a woman in Haiti. Most of what I know about micro-financing I learned from Hope and my roommate has also provided some loan capital to Kiva (which I think is a little different because the individual providing the money actually gets it back eventually, but I don't know much about how it works other than that) -- so I'm sure you already know everything that I know and more.

    The business major in me is intrigued by providing loans as a form of ministry and social justice so I'd love to keep up with what y'all are doing with this and maybe see how I can help in the future.

    Love you guys!