Monday, February 22, 2010

Life as we know it.....

We have decided that a blog is the perfect way to share all the new things we are learning and experiencing right now.  We believe that God has been and continues to write a beautiful story of bringing us out of captivity and death and into life.  Our story is just a very small part of this beautiful script that has been written since creation.  We hope you enjoy it :)  

This is the beginning of "Our Story"

Kristin:   While living in Greece, I became really close with a couple (about my parents age...YOUNG!) Tracy and Mary Marks.  They were my family away from home.  During the summer of  07 their daughter Amy came to Greece to visit for a few weeks.  One night we were talking about boys (of course!) and Amy said, "Mom, do you know who would be so perfect for Kristin?.....Ryan Hartsfield!"  Mary said, "YEAH!"  So Ryan and I became friends on facebook; however, I didn't even think twice about it because I thought there was no possible way I would ever really meet this guy.  

  After moving back to Texas from Greece and a lot of crazy decisions that didn't make any sense, I ended up moving to Austin, Tx.  I loved Austin and knew there were refugees there so I moved!  On November 25, 2008, Amy Marks was in Austin and invited me to go out to eat.  I thought it was going to be just me and her; however, she had invited quite a few other people.  One of those people happened to be Ryan Hartsfield.  Because of my experience in Greece I have a really huge passion for refugees and Ryan just happened to live in apartments with refugees.  So funny how that works out!  That night we talked mostly about refugees in Austin.  A few days after meeting, I sent Ryan a facebook message asking him if they were doing English classes or anything with the refugees.  He responded by answering my questions and asking me to go have coffee/tea with him.  We began to teach together and drink together and quickly fell in love!!!

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